Saturday, 22 August 2015


Many young, active and talented Nigerians never believe that they can succeed in Nigeria. They strongly believe that success is in the white man’s land. More so, when some other friends who have tasted the supposed success abroad, come back to Nigeria with a lot of cash to throw around, and flaunting their expensive cars. For this reason, envious youths begin to dread their own country. They fear becoming broke and broken.

I have a friend who is a dying advocate of traveling abroad. While still in Nigeria, he was very hardworking. He was a skilled worker i.e a bricklayer, an estate agent as well as a barber. Yes, he did all of these. He started making mistakes when he invested close to 400,000 naira into a barbing saloon in a school environment in Delta. Shortly after this investment things became rough for him, he became broke. Worse yet, the school was on strike for 4 months running. But after some time, the strike was called-off. So gradually his haircut business started to pick up and was booming. He made between 2000 naira to 3000 naira every day.

Meanwhile, he was still thinking about traveling abroad. He started saving some money towards this purpose. He soon visited Benin City to perfect plans to travel to South Africa. The arrangement went smoothly and before I knew it had had left Nigeria for South Africa. His long cherished dream had come true. No sooner he arrived there than he realized that the streets of South Africa was not paved with gold. Moreover, the friends he was squatting with were heavily involved in internet fraud. He was disappointed. Seeking accommodation elsewhere became a big challenge. At this time he was full of regrets. In fact, he realized he had wasted over three hundred thousand naira for the trip. He started thinking of coming back to Nigeria. But as is often the case with someone in this position, shame would not allow them to return home.

1.       Success is not waiting for you in any place. The factors to bring about success is in you.
2.       Nigeria  is a blessed country with abundant resources to bring about success.
3.       Nigeria is a land of possibilities.
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1.       What is your advice for my friend, should he come back to Nigeria?
2.       Why do many youths flock to other country?

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