Saturday, 22 August 2015


A man and his wife started a business together. They rented a store at Ekenwan road, Benin City. They were selling DVD’s and phone accessories. Sales was low. Apart from that they were compelled to pay tax by the Copy Right Association of Nigeria(COSON) before they could play any music to advertise their line of business. Its either they pay the tax or they get out of the business. 

They were running into debts. In the midst of this, Okoro and his wife kept wondering what else they could do to stay in business and thus pay their bills. Then suddenly the idea of running a restaurant popped up in their mind. They started with beans, and before long they were getting patronage. Soon they included other meals on the menu. They now prepared rice, dodo(fried plantain), fried potato, etc.

As of this moment, the business is doing great. I go there to eat lunch once in a while. They have employed a sales girl to assist them in the business.
Just like Mr. Okoro, you too can succeed in whatever business you lay your hands on. All you need do is to understand the kind of business that will thrive in any kind of environment. Be patient and before long your business will thrive. I wish you success in your endeavors.
1.       Have you tried any business before, did you succeed?
2.       What kind of business can you start now in your environment?
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