Saturday, 22 August 2015


In this 21st century business is dynamic. The principles that applied in the industrial age no longer matter now. Human behavior and response to business have also changed. The wave of technological advancement, perhaps to a large extent, initiated all these changes in various dimensions. He that understands the present rules governing business will do well. On the other hand, if anyone fails to comply, due to ignorance or sheer disregard, to the rules will not stay much longer in business. One of the critical rules to be observed is that of excellence. This is one way, not only to stay in business but also to excel. Excellence requires that every time you look for better ways of serving your clients or customers in the most satisfactory way. 

If your competition appears to do better than you, this is no time to be envious or antagonistic toward him. But rather this difference speaks volume about what is lacking in your own business. This singular area where you are weak, and they are strong accounts for the major difference. And unless you do something about it you will likely not improve. So you see a man complaining bitterly about how bad business is going. Whereas his neighbor in the same business is thanking God for his booming business.

What then should you do? All you need do is to find out the secret of your competition. There are various ways you can do this, viz:
1.       Interview their customers and find out why they patronize the competition instead of you
2.       Join the business Union and rob minds with experts in the field.
3.       Befriend their staff.
4.       Hire away the key staff to work for you
5.       Send ghost shoppers to your competition in attempt to discover their secret
6.       Visit the company regularly with a disguised intention and see what they do differently
1.       HOW Can you improve your business?
2.       Do you know why your competition is excelling more than you?
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