Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Doing business in Nigeria should not pose a big challenge. It is very important to start your own business today instead of waiting for that  white collar job. But which one should you get involved in? you have a wide range of opportunities open before you. They are listed below:
1.       Manufacturing : this business does not cost so much to start. All you need is experience and understanding the target market. Below are some things you can start manufacturing: paint bar soap, chalk, etc.
2.       Snail farming: it is relatively cheap to set up a snail farm. Snail is very expensive, so you will make good money if you start one. Moreover, the cost of maintenance is low.
3.       Dry cleaning: this is a fine business to start especially in big cities where many workers do not have the time to do the laundry themselves. They will be happy to get someone to do it for them. Interestingly, this business is easy to run. All you need is a rented store, one washing machine, 2 pressing iron, water storage , etc.
4.       Web designing: if you have skill in this area, then you are up for a good start. You build websites for individuals or companies for a fee.
5.       Rental business: this business is booming in Nigeria. It ranges from renting chairs and tables, dresses, cooking utensils to canopies, stores, etc.
6.       Writing articles: if you have the flair for writing then your services will be needed by website and blog owners. You are paid to write great content article. For example, pays people that write an article as guest post.
7.       Car washing: this is another good business that requires less capital. Choose a good spot and you start making money
8.       Medicine supplier: this is quite lucrative and easy to start with less money.  All you need to do is meet some pharmaceutical companies and drug importers, buy the drugs from them and supply to local clinics and hospitals.
9.       Recharge card printing: recharge cards are always in high demand today. With a modest investment of N100,000, you are ready to start.
10.   Blogging:  all you need here is a good niche, register a website and keep writing good content. Number one blogger in Nigeria is Linder ikeji. She makes quite a lot of money.
11.   Cake making: occasions that require this business are birthday and marriage ceremonies.
Other businesses you can do are:
12.   Photography
13.   Real estate agency
14.   Printing press
15.   Child care
16.   Wedding planner and decoration
17.   Haircut business/barbing saloon.
If you try to start any of the businesses above then you will never be unemployed again. The first step you need to take is to acquire the skill, study the market and be patient while you grow your business. For additional information or for a consultation, feel free to give us a call today.
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